Sobre la maquina, es la Olivetti MAEL 205, usado para loterias. Las modificaron: solo pantalla, nada teclado. La maquinai

Use of MAEL terminals ensures protection of initial investment and guarantees the possibility of introducing new games and services benefiting from future innovations in the field of telecommunications and technology in general.

The HW architecture of the terminals is PC-based using standard format motherboards specially designed by Olivetti Tecnost to guarantee reliability, continuity of supply, and the possibility of adopting solutions aimed at guaranteeing the security of the software used in the terminals.

The SW architecture foresees the possibility of choosing the operative system on the basis of specific Lottery requirements: Linux, VxWorks from WindRiver and the Microsoft Windows family are the operative systems adopted by Olivetti Tecnost.

The communication architecture comprises the most commonly used communication protocols (TCP/IP, UDP/IP, X25, SDLC) and integration of communication devices inside (on PCI slots) or outside the terminal through Ethernet LAN 10/100 BaseT, USB and RS232 ports.

The communication devices may be supplied directly by Olivetti Tecnost or purchased from local telecommunication companies.

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