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A few months ago Olivetti Tecnost - the Telecom Italia Group’s “Office & System Solutions” Business Unit – was chosen as technological and industrial partner by the international consortium SBC, headed by Smartmatic, for the provision of a 20,000-terminal online voting system in Venezuela.

Following delivery according to schedule of the 20,000 terminals in Venezuela, Olivetti Tecnost is confident that its extremely reliable and secure technology can be implemented in other countries as well and has announced its intention to offer in alliance with Smartmatic, the “Smartmatic Automated Election System” across the Latin American continent.

The Executive Vice President of Olivetti Tecnost Systems Division, Vincenzo Rosselli stated that - “Olivetti Tecnost is delighted with the results of the technological partnership with Smartmatic for the electronic voting solution in Venezuela. It is a very innovative and secure on-line voting system that can be implemented in many other countries around the world.”

Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic, commented: “Smartmatic is extremely pleased to be able to offer in alliance with Olivetti Tecnost its electronic voting solution in other countries in Latin America and it represents another stride ahead down the successful route that began for us four years ago.”

Olivetti Tecnost S.p.A. is the Telecom Italia Group Business Unit active in office products and solutions, specialised banking and retail applications, and automated gaming and voting systems. In 2003 Olivetti Tecnost posted revenues of 655 million euro. It has 4 research, development and production centres and more than 2,300 employees worldwide. Olivetti Tecnost products are marketed in more than 70 countries (Europe, Latin America, and the Far East) directly and through dealer networks, distributors and mass merchandising chains.

Smartmatic Corp. is one of the leading device-networking companies in the world with more than 20 pending patents, and international awards in the field. Smartmatic sells its device networking platform, its Unified Platform and SmartBank through its Automated Security Business Unit, and voting systems thorugh its Smartmatic Automated Election Systems Business Unit. Smartmatic sells its technologies through large integrators worldwide, and directly in the US, Mexico and Venezuela.

For more information: www.olivettitecnost.com

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